Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hello troops!

As you know I am in Bavaria at the moment and on the weekend we decided to pop in to the AUDI Forum - the huge building where is the AUDI Factory itself, plus museum. It was AWESOMEEE!
They have a LEATHER (!) car from the past, also I found out that they did produce bikes and motorbikes there and ( I call them Audi's "Vespas") little Vespas:)

Check out some pics here.

It is very busy here, finally we started to have a proper real summer, spent 3 hours yesterday with girl at the swimming pool enjoying the sun. Also- lots of bike's riding, yoga and socializing is going on here. Alyona asked me to stay longer here but I cannot, have to go see my parents and then will fly to London in August.

Ok, need to run now, enjoooyyy!!!

Были в Музее AUDI на выходных - я же в Баварии как никак ))) Это целый ГОРОД/ЗАВОД/Музей!!! Там даже машина из уожи есть! ( интересно, как они за ней ухаживали в дождь и снег?!)
Тут фотки будут!
учусь, работаю, хочу в Лондон, лечу туда в Августе) Аленка попросила меня остаться тут на подольше, нам так клево вместе- дурачимся, тусим, а ведь взрослые тетки)
Все, побежала дальше работать!

Bis bald!


                                                                       Leather Car
                                                                         Union One

                                                                 R8 GT for me please)

                                            I have chosen one for myself) A1

               This is the only one car in the world was made specially for the boss of Audi in the 1953


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