Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Euro 2012

I am back in Riga - exhausted, but very very inspired and (fingers crossed!) am full with hopes and ideas in my head)

We had an amaaaazing dinner last night with Tyoma and Dmitry (his boss) - he is a very rare gentleman you can ever meet: incredibly smart, polite, intelligent, his speech and language is so clear and rich and he knows basically EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! I admire people like him and they do inspire me sooo much!

Oh, we did some great shopping last night and my brother did spend shitloads of money for our fav brands such as DKNY, Adidas Originals, Ecco etc))) Love to be spoiled baby girl :)

OK, now I have to go - another celebration of BDays - Stas, my bf oldest brother is having a BDay)

off to the fest now, catch you later!

Official Adidas Store in Warsaw for Euro 2012. You can go and but this RUSSIA's team t-shirt))

They were awesome)

Everything is ready for the football!!!!

My new jeans/sports suit

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

EURO 2012

Europe is really on the way to have Euro 2012, but seriously - Polland is not really ready (only my opinion). But they still have some funny things dedicated to this event:

Frederik Shopin is ready for Euro 2012)))

And Serena as well)

The symbols of Euro 2012 Slavko and Slavek

Tyomka and me in the center of Old Warsaw

Monday, May 28, 2012


Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!


I am in Warsaw, really do not have time to write everything, but I defo know one thing for sure: my twinbrother is fucking fantastic, very cool, smart, intelligent, great, bighearted person on this planet!!!
We had great our daddy's 60th anniversary celebration for 4 days, and yesterday Tyoma took me to Warsaw with his management to see the city and have fun while they are working.
We are here for 3 days, yesterday we already visited the best places and restaurants in the city, and I will be honest - I am not the fan of this country, but I am the fan of this city now - Warsaw is amazing:  beautiful: architecture, parks, food, crowd of people, views and I have the best company ever - Tyoma and Dmitry, his big boss, is one of the smartest people what I have met on this planet: he knows everything and tells me all the history about the city etc. And, he is from Tallinn himself by the way)) I love them))) Oh, just woke up, the guys went to the office ( Tyoma and his colleagues have crazy posh flat here where we all are staying now) and they did made me a breakfast, coffee etc. - huge, big business shark like him made me a breakfast!!!!????!!!!!???!!!!

Oh, Have to run as I have to work too.
Here are some pics from Warsaw yesterday, will tell ya all stories later.

Have a great working week, peeps!

Restaurant U Kucharzy: you are sitting almost on the kitchen and people are cooking for you - on of the best meals ever.


Tyoma and Dima

Old City


Friday, May 25, 2012


We had an amazing BDay party yesterday - my dad's anniversary:))) комплименты от коллег и его друзей осыпали меня) Плюс, многие сказали, что я с акцентом говорю на русском)

Tomorrow will go to the summerhouse to celebrate all this with relatives))) На ДАЧУ!!!!

Всем отличной пятницы! Вечером едем в гости на пироги, а совсем вечером собираемся со всеми на очередную пьянку, я правда на антибиотиках с этой простудой, но пофигу - соки тоже можно пить и веселиться!!!
Темка заезжал на новой машине сегодня) Вчера посылка из Лондона пришла, а таааааамммммм - куча шмоточек, браслетиков, новый клатч) Ну да, я все покупаю во сновоном онлайн в Лондоне)))

From me with love: have a great weekend dudes and dudettes!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Local reality

Стооооооолько дел!!! Так всегда - приезжаешь домой и носишься как ненормальный по всему городу, встречаешься со всеми, плюс все эти зубные, маникюры, педикюры и т.д. Короче - устала я! Мало кого видела еще, но уже встретилась со своим другом Алексом - он очень крутой, ездит по миру, продает всякие штуки умные))) Еще с девочками посидели на Сашкин ДР, на даче у родителей были с Русей, она сестра моего бф, ну и моя подруга тож, потом на море сьездили тож все вместе и брат-близнец/двойняшка мой тоже был... Короче - висс нотиек, как говорят латыши.

А так, меня наверное осудят, но блин, не могу я смотреть на то, как тут все происхолит, видимо 5 лет заграницей, а тем более  Санкт-Мориц дали о себе знать - все по другому, удивляюсь как дура всему, и ПОЧЕМУ нихрена никто не здоровается нигде???!!!!!! Как Жанна говорит: dont pay attention, ignore and nevermind! Но фиг - все равно это все лезет наружу, да беееессссиииииттт, но я не в силах ничего тут изменить в этом обществе, да и это никому не надо, мне так  тем более...

Ну ладно, хватит ныть, сижу вон с итальашками своими общаюсь, в Москву поеду щас, сегодня купила себе оранжево-алый пиджак))))

Alles gut)))

few pics here)))

Us and Rusya with Andrey

My twinbro: sports sports sports

                                                  Me, Tom and his nephews)))

                                                  Tomass is fooling around with Martin

                              My boys: my bf and Tyomka :)))))  Tyoma went on the bike to Jurmala)))


Monday, May 21, 2012

Sashkin BD

Hey dudes and dudettes:)))))

How r u today???
I do not have time to blog at all here, too many parties, people to meet, family and relatives, plus all my projects that I have to take care of... But I am not complaining, I really am happy to do all of this, just this bloody cold is very annoying!!!

SO!!! We had great night with my best friend Sasha. I have couple of my best girlfriends and I am absolutely blessed to have them in my life))) ... So- we had great Friday night in Fiesta - that's Wine Bar in Riga, my friend Voron ( Aleksey Vorontsov) is the owner of this great venue where you can get delicious vintage wine and have nice music in great atmosphere, check them out on Gertrudes 23 in Riga.
Sasha poped in to my parents place first of all, my dad baked a cake specially for her and mum was around so we started to celebrate it here, she was happy to receive some presents from Switzerland and she adored the Iceberg scarf that I bought for her in UK some time ago. Then we went to town, met with Sasha's friend Julia - she is nuts and very beautiful young lady, who apparently has 17 year old son!!!! So we went to ahve some dinner in the small restaurant in old city, then we finally got to Fiesta, where champagne and Dima, Sasha's bf was waiting for us with Voron and the rest of the guys. Then Ula has joined us - Iknow Ula and Sashka since 1999 and we were the best friends for a long time, but seriously I didn't see Ulyana for like 3 years, so we had great catch up all together:)

Oh, and I did receive a lot of compliments on my body ( skiing!!!!!!!!!) and on my outfit:)- I had great skirt, my new favourite piece of clothing what I will wear this summer.
Here are the pictures, WIll give you the updates from Sat and Sun later on, have to work now!


                                                                Sasha and Julia

Sasha, Julia, me and Ula

hiding behind the glasses

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Vchera oootlichno poguljali s devochkami... i maljchikami! Prazdnovali BD moej luchshej podrug Sashi. Ja pravda vsa s sopljami, no nichjo, vecher udalsa!

Shas edem na dachu, na shashliki s moej semjoj i mamoj moego bf, a vecherom opjatj kuda-nibudj...potom Vam fotki pokazhi.

A! Vchera u babuli bila! Ona u menja molodec, ej 84, sidit s nakrashennimi gubami, manikjurom i rasskazivaet kak mne nado zhitj i chto ej nravjatsa rubashki togo pokroja, kotorij ja vibiraju)obozhaju ejo!!!

Ok, ahve to run
do svjazi
fotki popozhe

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pink Martini

О Бог мой!!!!!!! Как же замечательно после полного лечебного педикюююррррааааа! Я сьездила к маминоиу иастеру и с моими ногами отлично поработали, даже в Швейцарии мне так здорово не делаю ноги )))

А потом позвонил папа и предложил 2 билета на Pink Martini - wonderful!!!!!! I love them so much! When I used to live in USA we used to listen them a lot:))))  SO I will go and see them with my friend Uljana tonight, I ahven't seen her for almost 2,5 years, yay!!!!

Here is some from Pink Martini: 

Vsem horoshego dnja!!!!! Ni smotrja na prostudu i oklimatizaciju, I am keeping it positive :))))

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Рига/ Riga City

So, today was my first proper day in Riga. I mean, I finally went out to the streets of my youth, went to visit my mum in her office, went to my hairdresser, did some shopping, just returned from the lunch with my GREAT twinbrother, had some work done in the morning...
People here are very... how to say... Sometimes I do feel like spoiled baby girl, as I left country long time ago, live in completely different society, different lifestyle, economic situation etc. and when you come back home - it is hitting you like crazy: welcome back to the local reality!!!!! My twinbro always says: you have to get used to it! People were always fighting here for something, do not compare all this to Switzerland... Anyways, just weird feeling inside me, BUT - people on the streets are much more fashionable than before ( well done!!!) and I love it!
I haven't seen alot for the half day today. but everything what I have seen - I kinda loved it:)))

Oh, we went to rolleskate yesterday with bro and his mates:)

My twinbro - 3 mins difference we have:)

Polina and Tyoma

Aleksej, Polina and Tyoma

Monday, May 14, 2012

home, sweet home


Finally arrived to Riga. Incredibly tired and exhausted, but very happy to see the family :)))
We had fantatstic time in Germany with my friend Alyona and her people.
Have to run now, here are some pics:

Alyona i Alina

Лариса и Аленка живут уже очень давно в Германии, а Ева прилетела к Ларисе в гости из Сибири

Аленка с Машкой

Пельмени, борщ, сало, водка, помидоры - все как надо у украинцев в Баварии

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I am in Germany, visiting my amazing friend Alyona in Ingolstadt. We had to pop in to meet my bf's Adidas guys, then we came here and had an amazing night yesterday: пельмени, борщ, маринованные помидоры и огурцы, перцовка и ооотличная компания русскоговорящих интернационалов. Все апдейты будут попозже!

Сегодня должны отправиться в Ригу к родителям... Wish us luck :)

Do svjazi!

Adidas prorider is traveling in three stripes)))

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Друзья! С Днем Великой Победы!
Спасибо всем тем, кто защитил нашу землю и дал нам свободу!!!
Светлая память всем тем, кто не вернулся  с войны, ВЫ всегда будете героями для нас и мы гордимся вами!

Хоть я и не живу в той стране, где праздуют и тмечают этот праздник, но я горжусь тем, что мои бабушка и дедушка принимали участие в войне и помогали очень многим людям. Мой дед был военным, второй тоже, а бабушка - медсестрой! Я всегда помню об этом празднике и безумно горжусь тем, что я и мои родственники имели к этому какое-то отношение! Слава ВЕТЕРАНАМ!!!! Я преклоняюсь перед этими людьми подарившим свободу и жизнь всем нам!!!


I am packing... AGAINNNN!!!! I am a bit tired of all this, I have some stuff still in London, some stuff will be awaiting me here, in Switzerland and now I am packing my stuff for summer as I will be traveling a lot for business and leisure.

Мой парень обозвал мою weekend bag Burberry "катомкой"))))
Updates will follow...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get back to yourself...

I had great skype chat yesterday with one of my best friends Zhanna, she lives in London... so she told me that she started to do bikram yoga and it really turned her life upside down - everything is much better now:))) It is also, what you get inside for yourself... Anyway, she is an amazing person, crazy woman and extraordinary friend:))) SO we were talking for ages discussing all pros and cons of yoga, of your attitude and of your attention to has all started as I am sick now, I have got a cold and I have shitloads of coldsores on my lips and ot does irritate me so much as it very uncomfortable and I literally have to do A LOT this week, but I feel weak and am trying to lift me up with ginger and honey... So after hour of conversation it hit me: this is my problem and my fault that I am sick now...I do not take care of myself very well and lately I have been very stressed with work projects and some future plans! Also, I need to change a bit of the attitude to myself and listen carefully what I really need to do now, otherwise it really will get worse...
So, peeps, take care of yourself, read proper book, eat veggies, fruit - this sounds very cheesy, but this is bloody truth, and I do feel it! As when I started to live in Switzerland and have much more sports and completely different food - I can see changes on my body, on my skin and even on my face, I look different, I think....

So, I will get back to the VERTU research for my project and to my ginger,lemon,honey tea.

I am a moaner today...

Here is something to cheer me up:   Check this out! I love this blog - so many inspirational things!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012


I have such a shitty mood today from the morning... My twinbro told me I am too judgmental sometimes because I want to take care too much of people who I love... SHIT! ( sorry for swearing) but lately I have a bit of a mess in my head...
There are plenty of things to do this week, I am packing stuff and going to Germany to see my lovely friend Alyona and organise my German summer courses in there, also I will be going to LV to see my parents and then I will need to head off to Russia. I hte packing and love packing at the same time - it takes soooo much time first of all, and then - it is kinda exciting as I have something new in front of me:))))
I have to celebrate a lot of birthdays of my friends in LV, and my Daddy's anniversary too))) And have to catch up with so many people, so I am kinda excited... just need to realise that this will be different environment, I have a bit of a problem with that, when you spent a lot of time far away from home and your country you have different values, habits etc. so sometimes it is a bit weird for me what is going on in Riga, but actually... it was always weird for me, that's why I actually left to other countries, haha:)))

Ok, enough of moaning here, back to work and some shopping today, yay :)))

That's me by the way 2 days ago:) skiing in Zermatt, oh my lips are still bad - I have coldsore now and my skin is peeling off from my face as It was really burnt very well... Anyway- it will go away!

Have a great working week everyone!
Oh - France- congrats with the new president! And Moscow - I am sorry to see all of that...

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Приболела я после Церматта немного, сижу дома одна несколько дней, бф уехал тренироваться, смотрю видео, которые Жанна посоветовала - про Россию... интересно, но как-то совсем по-другому, но мне надо понять это все, как человеку, который всю жиснь говорил по русски, но все по-прежнему удивляется многим вещам, когда сталкиваюсь с российскими обычаями и культурой работы, ну и да - бизнес этикет - все по другому... О, мы тут встречались с нашими потенциальными партерами из Москвы, как они КРАСИВО говорят по-русски: очень правильно, четко, и оборот речи - мне очень понравилось... Просто всю жизнь я живу в разных странах, но в последний год работаю на разные рынки, включая и этот и я стала замечать, что перевожу в голове фразы с англ или немецкого сейчас иногда, и тогда сама недовольна своей речью... Папа мне всегда говорит - читай больше на русском! Ну вот, стараюсь...

И босса своего, итальянца, тоже немного обучаю русскому, хотя он уже много чего знает и сам бывал в Москве...

Вот, кстати, белый, синий, красный - прилетели в Церматт... кто и что это - осталось загадкой)))

Saturday, May 5, 2012


...a bit of Zermatt for you guys... I love this place, but prefer St.Moritz. Not because of luxury, because of the atmosphere...

I'm back!

Peeps! I am back from Zermatt - very tired, but happy! I had chance to meet our potential business partner as well as have great time and FANTASTIC SKIING with my boss. Oh, I also was in italy for 2 hrs, but will tell you all this later on...
Обожгла и обветрила себе губы, сейчас похожа на даму после операции закачки силикона, не могу, ржу над собой. надеюсь это быстро пройдет!

Ну и да, гора Matterhorn, которую вы видите на шоколадках Toblerone - ТАМ))
Попозже будет фото

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am off to Zermatt for a few days, to check out what is going on there and to present our company to one of the Moscow's travel agencies, hope they will like us:))))

Я в Церматт на несколько дней! По работе))) Fingers crossed, wish me luck!

Oh, reshaetsa vopros po povodu nashej novoj uniformi dlja nashih instruktorov na sl sezon. Eto vot nasha nineshnjaja, cvet- uzhas, no VISt is very good brand for snowsports. Updates will follow!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Мир Труд Май

У кого что, у всех выходные, у нас в Швейцарии тоже, но я полдня арбайтен, поскольку послезавтра еду в Церматт, представлять нашу компанию и делать презентацию московскому тур-агентству одному...

Вчера с Жанной переписывались, она у меня в Лондоне живет, вообще - смех! Ересь несем и нам очень хорошо становится, она вообще один из тех человек, с которым я могу делать все, говорить обо всем и самое главное - мы с ней можем путешествовать и жить вместе ( проверено много раз!!!!) Поеду в Лондон наверное в августе, надо свои вещи оттуда забрать, а то год собираюсь уже, ну и вот всех увидеть и пообщаться как следует...

Ну ладно, enough! Back to work, have so man things to write up today.
Here we are with my Zhanetta when she was visiting me in February this year. I will dedicate the separate post to her:)

Beregite druzej!!!

Zhanetta loves clutch bags)))

I managed to dress her up very sporty here)