Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am on a business trip in Moscow- exhausted but satisfied and content with the result... updates will be later.

some pics meanwhile

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hey Ho!!!

Sorry, i am so busy with work and with my people here:) I am going to Moscow on Monday for a week - anyone there, maybe we can have some cup of coffee between the business trips??? :)
I had an amazing weekend with my bro and his friends- some pics are here:) And today we had such an amazing "unplanned" time with Ruslana, she is the sister of my bf and my friend and lately we didn't has proper relationships, we kinda lost them for a while, but today we had an amazing night and I saw the same, old Ruslana, my friend who was smiling and was truly happy for me and my achievements.

What else? A lot ow work- too many writing, but I love it! Having deep tissue massages now- 2 a week- awesooommmmmmeeeeee! 1,5 hr for the procedure and you are born again! I am back to yoga 30 mins everyday-3 times a week:) Also, did some gelish manicure and pedicure today - loving all these procedures between this crazy running.

Hope you are having great week!

See ya soon and let me know if someone is keen to meet in Moscow! My first time there, huh!!!


Привеееет! Очень давно не писала!
Очень сорри, столько работы, дел бегогни, что можно вешаться, но я хожу и улыбаюсь))) Еду в Москву ( 1 раз в жизни!!!) на след неделе я там, так что если кто хочет и может пишите) может чашку чая или кофЭ выпьем все вместе))) Были абалденные выходные - моя подруга Маша с Вовой открыли ФАЗЕНДУ бич бар в Булдури - все туда!!!! Погуляли, покатались на великах с Темкой на море - короче - отдохнули!!!Сегодня общались с Русланой, мы как-то выпали из общения последний год вообще... но сегодня я увидела старую, добрую Русю.

Чего еще? А, делаю себе глубокотканный массаж - 2 раза в неделю - рай ! У меня лучший массажист - Леша Титов - он Бог и Царь!!!! Плюс- вернулась к йоге) Ну и работы - дофига и больше) мне нравится)))

Надеюсь у Вас все отлично!

А, ну и с Алексом сегодня завтракали )))



На речку!


Вишневое пиво)))

Monday, June 18, 2012


Just booked my flights to Munich - will go there for 3 weeks to work and study German! yay!! Excited! But very tired at the moment- off to Moscow this week- getting ready for the meetings!

Только что заказала билеты себе в Мюнхен - поеду туда работать и учить немецкий на 3 недели! ииихххааааа!!!! Сейчас готовлюсь к Москве - еду туда на сл неделе- оч устала, но ниче- прорвемся!!!

попозже отпишу о выходных - они были великолепны!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aleksandre Vasiliev's Art Noveau Fashion

Today I was invited to the opening of Art Noveau Fashion exhibition in Riga.

To be honest, I was shocked how beautiful the dresses are and what a great job has been done by The Master Alexandre Vasiliev and his team: applause!!!!  You can see the dresses of the Art Nouveau epoque in different colours, for different purposes oh and the accessorizes - beautiful ladies hats, fans,make up boxes etc.  I am very happy I had a chance to see all of this live, to meet Aleksandre and I even said Thank You and Hello to him. He looks - FABOLOUS as always. I am extremely pleased and delighted that I have people around me who are interested in history and art and who share this passion and interest with me. Oh, there were also people who asked me to pose for 2 magazines in Latvia ;))) So, maybe we will see the result of it in the pages of printed media soon ;)

Some pics here:

Aleksandre Vasiliev

Alisa and Alina ( our parents are friends and we know each other from the childhood, though I haven's seen Alisa for last 4 years, we met and had fantastic time together)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Party People

Aloha! I didn't had time at all to write here, just will drop some pics from the weekend and will update you later, guys!

Привет! Нету времени писать нормальный пост, но туту несколько фоток с выходных. Все остальное- попозже! До связи!

Lyoha, ja i Polina


Tyoma s Polej

 1 am - sinhronnoe plavanie

Polunoshnie tanci )))

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

God Save The Queen!!!

Just received a package from Zhanetta today! They have done special edition dedicated to the Queens Jubilee))) Nice! Thank you, my dear sister!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


UUUAAAAA!!! Tak zdorovo vstretitj starejshih drizej, kotorie davno uzhe zhivut za bugrom i tut baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccc!!!! - mi vstrechaemsa v Rige, pjom vino i trindim i trindim i trindim!!!!

Love them sooooooo much!!! Elian v Londone v boljshoj kompanii, Ula imeet svoju kompaniju v LV, no vso vremja ezditj v USA ( na shoppoing!!!), a Sashka ne smogla  s nami vstretitsa -ona vrach!!! Maria nasha v Canada uzhe 100 let zanimaetsa Linen, a Lenochka priedet na sl nedele iz Parizha, gde otlichno schastliva na francuzom i rastit 2 detej! NOCHLEZHKA nepobedima!

Segodna pili vino i eli eli eli s devochkami :))))
Ostaljnie, podjedut popozhej!!! )))

Ula s Elinoj

White Zinfandel!!! Californian is the best one!!!

                   Didn't had a chance to meet in London, finally got together in Riga)))

                                                                Horoshi babjonki))))))))

Monday, June 4, 2012


Visited the new beach house what my twinbro will be renting this summer with his friends - niiiiccceee)))
here are a bit of pics!

Вчера сьездили в Юрмалу, посмотрели летний дом, который мой братиша будет снимать с друзьями этим летом - чувствую будет очень весело)))
Тут немного фоточек)

                                                                      Леха с Темой

                           Московское фото: так все туристы в Юрмалке фотографируются!

 I really had to go away and live in another country for 4 years, in order to come back and take a cheesy picture with this globus)))


Sunday, June 3, 2012


Сегодня у родителей:

- Мам, а какую ты музыку слушала, когда вы все молодые были и гуляли?
- Патриотическую, про комсомол, про партию!


А я тут под Pink Martini пью чай в пижаме и занимаюсь НИЕЧЕГОНЕДЕЛАНИЕМ!!!!)))

 <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


So, when you get back to the world where you basically did grow up, you start feeling a bit weird (those who live abroad for many years and do go to their mothercountry to visit parents and friends will understand me)... all of those who were your friends are still friends, but some of them are very distanced ones, but I don't thing it is bad or so, it is just very different now. I had a meetings with some of my old dudettes here recently and I love the time what we had together ages ago, but now... maybe I had so many changes in life, that I look at the world with completely different eyes. I am not upset, I just have to accept this - we all change and improve, develop or stay on the same stage of the development for many years...

Anyways, yesterday, me and my very old friend Ula got together, had to go to the opening of one lounge club on the beach, but due to the bad weather it was canceled, so we went to the cinema, had nice food in the restaurant and went to vinoteka Fiesta (Gertrudes 19-21) to see our friend Voron, who is the owner there))) Had some nice Rieslings over there, nice chat with Ula, discussed who is doing what, why, where etc.

Oh, we also had a celebration of Dad's b-day for the 5th time yesterday, some friends of my parents came around and we had a feast:))))

Day off today - wanna do nothing as I really need to recharge my batteries!!!

have a great Sunday everyone!!!

                                     I love the restaurant prices in Riga after St.Moritz!!!!!

Ula is supercool!