Monday, August 6, 2012

mein Leben in Deutschland

I am back from Germany for a week now, visiting my parents in Riga again.

Germany was aweeesooommmeeeee! I have BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!! Alyonka, Oxana, Larissa, Alinka - they all are from different parts of the world, but they met in Bayern looooooong time ago:)

It is amazing to speak about everything and fool around even when some of them are proper grown up ladies:)
Swimming pools, spas, road trips, pubs, bars, restaurants, different events, AUDI museum, Beer&Wine almost every day and SHITLOADS of German language for me:) Oh, I met Toby - he is the mostt extraordinary Bar manager/skinhead/punk who apparently is an amazing person and great man :))))

Very lazy to write in Russian now... next time. Here are some pictures... and... I AM PACKING AGAIN!!! Going to LONDON this week for work and to see my friends! Cannot wait to meet Zhanna! YAY!!!!! We will have our own programme as usual :)

love you and leave you
Bis später!


                                         3 nights on the row we were here in the Beach Club :))
                  Mi s Ewoj, she is from Poland, but lives in Germany for 8 years. Supersmart girl

                                                      I was ruling the bar that night :)))

                                Ewa, Oxana, Alyona and our beloved barman Toby:))))

                                 Bayern Fruhstuck:))))
                                                Alinkas and Alyonka

                                 WE were learnign German here:))))

                                     2 am, swimming naked:)))

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  1. Алинка!!!! что за майка с ПИИИИНГВИИИНОООМ????? Как так я о такой не знаю???? Как так с пингвином? бууууу.... я тоже хочу!!! ПИНГВИИН!!!!

    фото клевые, Аленка супер)))