Friday, December 14, 2012


Its is time to write something here, I had sooooo many things going on lately, but never had time properly to write about them, so now on Friday afternoon my head in not working anymore and I decided to have a sip of great Earl Grey tea and write about stuff)

Совсем не было времени, чтобы написать тут, что да ка, но вот сижу с чашкой чая после обеда, и решила отвлечся от работы немного)))

Week ago we had so much fun with my brothers, one of them lives in the US and A for many years- he just crossed America on his Harley Davidson, so he had soooo many interesting things to tell) Another bro- my twinbro really made me laugh, and we also had Alex - our common friend from Riga, so we had cracking time and I was the happiest girl on the earth having my best men around me)

Here are some pics by the way from St Moritz and Milano:

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