Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zhanetta - one of my BEST dudettes!!!!

Gosh, I am so busy and carried away that I dont have any time to write anything here- so many thoughts lately, BUT I want to write the post about my... sister, my friend actually who became my sister- Zhanetta!

She is one of those people with whom you can argue for 3 hours, scream on each other, say something what you REALLY do BLOODY  think about them and after everything has been settled down you can speak easily again to her. It is not the attitude: "I dont care, everything will be fine!" It is an attitude: "We need to talk! Speak- now, openly and without any issues behind our backs!!!"
So, we met at Uni in Riga, studied together, did Public Relations, and then realized that we want to escape and have an experience in other places on earth. So, we ended up doing Masters in Marketing Management in one of the universities of Great Britain, just 51 mins by train from the City of London, Central London. We shared the same accommodation flat and then a house, there were tears and joy, support and anger, laughs and misunderstandings, BUT - through all of that we are still great friends and "sisters"!!!!!!
I guess this is what is called LIFE - when you have real people around you, like mine Zhanna. She does inspire me for many things, supports me, helps me, makes me laugh and makes me just to BE HAPPY when I am around her or she is around me! I think it is a connection- the one you have with certain people in life- you just have it and cannot even explain it, you do not even need to explain it... it is just there.
I am very proud of my friends! especially with her! Zhanna always gets what she wants! No matter what is it and how hard is to get it - she is the one who is very very focused, concentraited and the one who NEVER gives up! She is Extremely STRONG, but at the same time VERY feminine, flirty and very very happy! She is one HAPPY person!
Spoke to my mum today and she asked me: When Zhanna is coming to see you in Switzerland? I told her when, then she said: Oh great! You two will have a great happy time together:)! And we will! I am sure!
Once, my friend Matt in the UK told me: You two, you and Zhanna can have FUN even in the empty room!
But someone else told us: You two can rule the world!!!!

And I am sure we CAN, if we need to!!!

I love how my friends do remember Zhanna and they always ask about her:))) I know that if there is the end of the World, the Apocalypsis, earthquake (in Switzerland?!?!:)))) or something else, I would call her straight ahead! I guess we two could figure out How to save it :))))

Zhanna should visit me soon in Switzerland again:) She came down from London last winter- we had a cracking time together, but I hope this time it will be even better!!! Here are some pics with my dudette, I MISS YOU SO MUCH and LOVE YOU MADLY, my dear friend! See you in less than one moth!

                                                    Our way to Bath one day in 2011

                                                                       London 2011  

                                                                    London 2011
                                                   Gatwick Airport, London 2012
                                                                  London 2011

                                                                          Riga 2012
                                                                       Riga 2012

                                                 Zhanna's summerhouse 2012, Latvia


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  1. What you guys have is very special! Everyone should have a friend like that:)
    Enjoy your time together, I know you'll bring the house down!:)))