Sunday, June 3, 2012


So, when you get back to the world where you basically did grow up, you start feeling a bit weird (those who live abroad for many years and do go to their mothercountry to visit parents and friends will understand me)... all of those who were your friends are still friends, but some of them are very distanced ones, but I don't thing it is bad or so, it is just very different now. I had a meetings with some of my old dudettes here recently and I love the time what we had together ages ago, but now... maybe I had so many changes in life, that I look at the world with completely different eyes. I am not upset, I just have to accept this - we all change and improve, develop or stay on the same stage of the development for many years...

Anyways, yesterday, me and my very old friend Ula got together, had to go to the opening of one lounge club on the beach, but due to the bad weather it was canceled, so we went to the cinema, had nice food in the restaurant and went to vinoteka Fiesta (Gertrudes 19-21) to see our friend Voron, who is the owner there))) Had some nice Rieslings over there, nice chat with Ula, discussed who is doing what, why, where etc.

Oh, we also had a celebration of Dad's b-day for the 5th time yesterday, some friends of my parents came around and we had a feast:))))

Day off today - wanna do nothing as I really need to recharge my batteries!!!

have a great Sunday everyone!!!

                                     I love the restaurant prices in Riga after St.Moritz!!!!!

Ula is supercool!

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