Thursday, June 14, 2012

Aleksandre Vasiliev's Art Noveau Fashion

Today I was invited to the opening of Art Noveau Fashion exhibition in Riga.

To be honest, I was shocked how beautiful the dresses are and what a great job has been done by The Master Alexandre Vasiliev and his team: applause!!!!  You can see the dresses of the Art Nouveau epoque in different colours, for different purposes oh and the accessorizes - beautiful ladies hats, fans,make up boxes etc.  I am very happy I had a chance to see all of this live, to meet Aleksandre and I even said Thank You and Hello to him. He looks - FABOLOUS as always. I am extremely pleased and delighted that I have people around me who are interested in history and art and who share this passion and interest with me. Oh, there were also people who asked me to pose for 2 magazines in Latvia ;))) So, maybe we will see the result of it in the pages of printed media soon ;)

Some pics here:

Aleksandre Vasiliev

Alisa and Alina ( our parents are friends and we know each other from the childhood, though I haven's seen Alisa for last 4 years, we met and had fantastic time together)


  1. Шикарный event!!! и отлично выглядишь!!!
    вырезки или scan из журналов - в студию! :)

    1. О,спасибо!!! Да, безумно интересно - свожу тебя, как приедешь, если буду тут еще))) а про журналы - посмотрим, если что - сразу в стууудию!!!