Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The beauty of Swiss Alps

Woke up yesterday, after great party with my colleagues... phonecall from my boss: Can you please go and take a part ( be a model:)) in the documentary what our Swiss/Italian friend Vito is doing at the moment on the slopes?
So, I jumped into my skiing boots and went up to the Corviglia mountain ( in the city centre of St.Moritz)

Apparently, my friend Vito, who is a producer and cameraman from Lugano, was making a documentary about one of the greatest and oldest ski instructors in the whole Engadine region. And he needed someone who could be his "pupil" on the slope - so I had to follow him, listen to his advices- basically it was a real skiing lesson with great person, who is worshiping skiing and who dedicated all his life to the skiing and Mountains.

After that we went to one of the best restaurants on the slopes to celebrate the project:) Hopefully, we will see it soon on Swiss TV! So: my modeling career is not over yet...  I thought it was, as after England I did not do any shots or any videos here, but taaaddddddaaaaaaaah - and here we are again:)

Have horrible back pain today though... Have to recover as I have to go to Italy tomorrow, to meet our uniform partner VIST there in order to speak about next year and our further collaboration.

Here are some picks from yesterday)

Here he is- Fridli who is 82 and who is still teaching people to ski in order to enjoy this fantastic sport

Vito had to follow us on a quite fast speed going down the slopes with all his camera, cables, headphones and lots of other things)

And here is my boss - Vittorio, our friend Vito and my bf Tomass - skiing for ourselves enjoying the great day and end of the season on the Corvatsch mountain

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