Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Italy, uniform and great lunch

I had to go to Italy today, together with my boss... we had to choose and consider the new uniforms for our skiing school for the next couple of seasons (I am Marketing manager of the ski school in St.Moritz, Switzerland).
So, we left the house around 6 am, made it to Bolzano, had an amazing meeting in one of the showrooms in Italy and fingers crossed everything will be as we want it to be in the end.

I did try on a lot of different garmets; found skis with Putin and Medvedev and finalized the unform combination for our instructors...

Then we poped in to one weird Italian-Austrian restaurant, but food was fantastic there, they even had Beeramisu- with beer. Oh, and beer itself was great!!!

Putin on your skis! anyone?

Or Medvedev?

Great stuff!

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