Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Real Men and Boys Toys


How are you today???
Все в порядке???

Я только что вернуласть из Италии, где на границе с Швейцарией снимался документальный фильм про bf: про каякинг, высоту, риск, спорт и горы.

So, we just filmed a documentary about Kayaking and about my bf Tomass, who is a professinal athlete and kayaer and is a member of the Adidas Sickline Team - the one and only team of kayakers in the world:)))

I had a good chance to see AMAZING place today in Switzerland/Italy - fantastic scenery!!!

Ok, here are some pics:

ну и я помогала еонечно же)))

Will be out in JUNE 2012 on Swiss/Italian TV but I will provide i-net link here for sure.

Back to work now!!! PPT should be translated to Russian now!!!!

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