Monday, May 28, 2012


I am in Warsaw, really do not have time to write everything, but I defo know one thing for sure: my twinbrother is fucking fantastic, very cool, smart, intelligent, great, bighearted person on this planet!!!
We had great our daddy's 60th anniversary celebration for 4 days, and yesterday Tyoma took me to Warsaw with his management to see the city and have fun while they are working.
We are here for 3 days, yesterday we already visited the best places and restaurants in the city, and I will be honest - I am not the fan of this country, but I am the fan of this city now - Warsaw is amazing:  beautiful: architecture, parks, food, crowd of people, views and I have the best company ever - Tyoma and Dmitry, his big boss, is one of the smartest people what I have met on this planet: he knows everything and tells me all the history about the city etc. And, he is from Tallinn himself by the way)) I love them))) Oh, just woke up, the guys went to the office ( Tyoma and his colleagues have crazy posh flat here where we all are staying now) and they did made me a breakfast, coffee etc. - huge, big business shark like him made me a breakfast!!!!????!!!!!???!!!!

Oh, Have to run as I have to work too.
Here are some pics from Warsaw yesterday, will tell ya all stories later.

Have a great working week, peeps!

Restaurant U Kucharzy: you are sitting almost on the kitchen and people are cooking for you - on of the best meals ever.


Tyoma and Dima

Old City



  1. I love your blazer!!! Really cool one!
    I am looking for yellow one, can't find the one I'd like :)

    1. Oh, thanks dear :))) yeah, I have have orange/purple and even the upper management of my bro is complimenting :)))

  2. оч классные фотографии!)