Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Euro 2012

I am back in Riga - exhausted, but very very inspired and (fingers crossed!) am full with hopes and ideas in my head)

We had an amaaaazing dinner last night with Tyoma and Dmitry (his boss) - he is a very rare gentleman you can ever meet: incredibly smart, polite, intelligent, his speech and language is so clear and rich and he knows basically EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! I admire people like him and they do inspire me sooo much!

Oh, we did some great shopping last night and my brother did spend shitloads of money for our fav brands such as DKNY, Adidas Originals, Ecco etc))) Love to be spoiled baby girl :)

OK, now I have to go - another celebration of BDays - Stas, my bf oldest brother is having a BDay)

off to the fest now, catch you later!

Official Adidas Store in Warsaw for Euro 2012. You can go and but this RUSSIA's team t-shirt))

They were awesome)

Everything is ready for the football!!!!

My new jeans/sports suit

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