Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Рига/ Riga City

So, today was my first proper day in Riga. I mean, I finally went out to the streets of my youth, went to visit my mum in her office, went to my hairdresser, did some shopping, just returned from the lunch with my GREAT twinbrother, had some work done in the morning...
People here are very... how to say... Sometimes I do feel like spoiled baby girl, as I left country long time ago, live in completely different society, different lifestyle, economic situation etc. and when you come back home - it is hitting you like crazy: welcome back to the local reality!!!!! My twinbro always says: you have to get used to it! People were always fighting here for something, do not compare all this to Switzerland... Anyways, just weird feeling inside me, BUT - people on the streets are much more fashionable than before ( well done!!!) and I love it!
I haven't seen alot for the half day today. but everything what I have seen - I kinda loved it:)))

Oh, we went to rolleskate yesterday with bro and his mates:)

My twinbro - 3 mins difference we have:)

Polina and Tyoma

Aleksej, Polina and Tyoma

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