Monday, May 7, 2012


I have such a shitty mood today from the morning... My twinbro told me I am too judgmental sometimes because I want to take care too much of people who I love... SHIT! ( sorry for swearing) but lately I have a bit of a mess in my head...
There are plenty of things to do this week, I am packing stuff and going to Germany to see my lovely friend Alyona and organise my German summer courses in there, also I will be going to LV to see my parents and then I will need to head off to Russia. I hte packing and love packing at the same time - it takes soooo much time first of all, and then - it is kinda exciting as I have something new in front of me:))))
I have to celebrate a lot of birthdays of my friends in LV, and my Daddy's anniversary too))) And have to catch up with so many people, so I am kinda excited... just need to realise that this will be different environment, I have a bit of a problem with that, when you spent a lot of time far away from home and your country you have different values, habits etc. so sometimes it is a bit weird for me what is going on in Riga, but actually... it was always weird for me, that's why I actually left to other countries, haha:)))

Ok, enough of moaning here, back to work and some shopping today, yay :)))

That's me by the way 2 days ago:) skiing in Zermatt, oh my lips are still bad - I have coldsore now and my skin is peeling off from my face as It was really burnt very well... Anyway- it will go away!

Have a great working week everyone!
Oh - France- congrats with the new president! And Moscow - I am sorry to see all of that...

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