Monday, May 21, 2012

Sashkin BD

Hey dudes and dudettes:)))))

How r u today???
I do not have time to blog at all here, too many parties, people to meet, family and relatives, plus all my projects that I have to take care of... But I am not complaining, I really am happy to do all of this, just this bloody cold is very annoying!!!

SO!!! We had great night with my best friend Sasha. I have couple of my best girlfriends and I am absolutely blessed to have them in my life))) ... So- we had great Friday night in Fiesta - that's Wine Bar in Riga, my friend Voron ( Aleksey Vorontsov) is the owner of this great venue where you can get delicious vintage wine and have nice music in great atmosphere, check them out on Gertrudes 23 in Riga.
Sasha poped in to my parents place first of all, my dad baked a cake specially for her and mum was around so we started to celebrate it here, she was happy to receive some presents from Switzerland and she adored the Iceberg scarf that I bought for her in UK some time ago. Then we went to town, met with Sasha's friend Julia - she is nuts and very beautiful young lady, who apparently has 17 year old son!!!! So we went to ahve some dinner in the small restaurant in old city, then we finally got to Fiesta, where champagne and Dima, Sasha's bf was waiting for us with Voron and the rest of the guys. Then Ula has joined us - Iknow Ula and Sashka since 1999 and we were the best friends for a long time, but seriously I didn't see Ulyana for like 3 years, so we had great catch up all together:)

Oh, and I did receive a lot of compliments on my body ( skiing!!!!!!!!!) and on my outfit:)- I had great skirt, my new favourite piece of clothing what I will wear this summer.
Here are the pictures, WIll give you the updates from Sat and Sun later on, have to work now!


                                                                Sasha and Julia

Sasha, Julia, me and Ula

hiding behind the glasses

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